Tip Tuesday: 4 Steps To Green Grass!

Mow Smarter: Taller grass holds more moisture and stays greener than short grass. It willLawnMower
also be more durable against drought and against frost.  Mow your lawn 1 day after watering. In doing so, you will help your lawn heal better from the recent cut. This can prevent the tips of the grass from becoming brown. In the summer it is good to mulch the lawn (don’t vacuum up the grass) so that you can spend less on water.


waterlawnWater on schedule: The best time to water your grass is early in the morning. The water will be less likely to evaporate, and there are generally lower winds. Watering the grass in high wind can cause the grass to dry before the water penetrates the soil.  For a green lawn, you should water until the water penetrates at least 6 inches deep into the soil.


Do not feed the plants: When a lawn turns brown, it is not dead- it’s just gone dormant tofeed save energy for cooler, wetter times.  Going in and out of dormancy may damage the grass. You may be tempted to apply fertilizer and weed control, but if not done right, those chemicals can burn a heat-stressed lawn.  The best way to prevent weeds is to plant more grass with seeds. Thick grass chokes out weeds and makes it harder for them to grow or spread within your lawn.


aeration.PNGImportance of lawn aeration: Aerate your lawn at least once in the spring and again in the fall for a green lawn. The process of aeration makes small holes in the surface of your lawn, allowing water, nutrients and air access to the roots. This allows better drainage, which reduces runoff.  When aerating your lawn be sure that the ½ inch plug is removed. Is aeration is don’t with solid tines, no core is removed. This improves air, water and nutrients uptake but also contributes to soil compaction.

Don’t forget to check back with us next Tuesday for more tips to help you with your home ownership journey!


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